In the words of Janice: Oh. My. God. The Friends cast HAVE talked about doing more episodes together.

This comes direct from star Matthew Perry, aka Chandler Bing. Oh yes, the same Matthew Perry who only recently said that news of an upcoming reunion wasn't the reunion we were all hoping for. But now – pause for celebratory dance – it seems the idea of an actual real life new episode isn't DOA after all.

"I think we would be open to doing something, some kind of TV special," Perry told Chris Evans on his Radio 2 breakfast show.

Perry said he didn't know about a movie, but added: “WE'VE TALKED ABOUT IT A LITTLE BIT OVER DINNER [our caps]. It’s a really good group, there isn’t a jerk in the group and that really saved us for 10 years."

All. the. emotions.