Victoria Baker-Harber unleashes her nastiest side to taunt tearful Cheska Hull on Made in Chelsea

Lucy Watson and Sophie Hermann were also involved in the pair's vicious spat which ended with Victoria labelling Cheska a "fat turkey"

Chelsea dwellers are usually associated with refinement, good taste, a sense of propriety, but certain members of the Made in Chelsea clan put that idea to bed during tonight’s episode. We’re looking at you Victoria Baker-Harber and Sophie Hermann.


The pair reignited their ongoing feud with Cheska Hull and Lucy Watson, exchanging a war of words during a trip to the Bluebird ice rink. Victoria was, as usual, the instigator, telling poor Cheska, “You have ear muffs on like you’re working in a radio control tower.”

Lucy soon approached the group – which also included Sophie and Fran Newman-Young – to take issue with Victoria calling her “tacky”, wading in with, “Why are you dressed like a f**king prostitute? Like a really expensive prostitute.”

“Well, at least I’m not a cheap one,” Victoria replied. This is fighting talk, Chelsea-style.

But that argument was child’s play compared to the onslaught of cruel comments Victoria unleashed later on in the episode. As the entire cast gathered for a pre-Christmas feast, the swimwear designer wielded a board of cheese and declared, “It smells as bad as Lucy’s breath”. Her target – who is known for her fiery tongue – snapped back, “Do you even know what cheese tastes like? I don’t ever see you eat ever, you’re an anorexic.”

Sophie then got involved, telling Lucy and Cheska, “Victoria eats a lot – not as much as you do, though.” The exchange soon descended into a full-on row, much to the shock of the remaining members of the cast as insults and accusations flew across the table, culminating in Victoria labelling Cheska a “f**king fat turkey”. We were about as shocked as these two…

A tearful, visibly shocked Cheska responded, telling Victoria “you are the nastiest, most vile person I’ve ever met.” Poor Cheska. The verbal war soon resumed with Sam trying – and failing – to silence the din with his trumpet-playing.

Eventually it was Proudlock who established order, telling everyone to “put aside your differences, for once” and to “look at the positives” before ordering Lucy outside where a lovesick Jamie was waiting with a horse-drawn carriage and one final declaration of love. But while Miss Watson had plenty to distract her from the insults hurled in her direction by Victoria and Sophie, poor Cheska looked visibly upset by the bullying which included some of Made in Chelsea’s bitchiest insults to date.

We’ll no doubt witness the full fallout of tonight’s dramatics during next week’s Made in Chelsea end of season party, showing on E4 next Monday at 10pm.