Last night Channel 5 went back in time for the first episode of new reality show 10,000 BC, which reveals what happens when a group of 21st-century Brits are sent to live in Stone Age conditions.


Left in the wilderness with none of the comforts of modern life, 20 contestants are filmed as they make fires, forage for food and try to create a community. Think Lord of The Flies meets Bear Grylls...

So how did a very modern Twitter react to all this prehistoric business?

Many people felt that those Stone Age conditions weren't quite tough enough...

They should have had to have built their own shelter! #10000BC Making it too easy for them already

— Greg Rutherford (@GregJRutherford) February 2, 2015

#10000BC far to easy for them. @BearGrylls The Island was tougher. Best reaction the veggies faces when they pulled out the deer.

— John Dye (@wwenutt) February 2, 2015

Hmm, shoes, blankets and make-up. Not very #10000BC

— Ghislaine (@Ghislaine_LG) February 2, 2015

No sabre toothed tigers, I'm losing interest rapidly #10000BC

— Tony (@toeboe) February 2, 2015

Its all a bit easy for them. I surprised they don't allow them to have a Tesco home delivery #10000BC

— John O'Sullivan (@Newsagentprovoc) February 2, 2015

#10000BC shelters built, fresh running water, walking boots, deer already killed! Pretty easy life back then!

— delcapone (@delcapon) February 2, 2015

But some thought the contestants deserved a bit more credit for their sacrifices...

3 days at a music festival and I'm ready to go home #10000BC

— cillerqueen (@cillerqueen) February 3, 2015

10,000 BC is class! So fascinating to see how hard it was to live back then

— jimmy smith (@jimmysmith89) February 2, 2015

Oh Lordy this looks hard!!!.... It's big Brother with nothing!! ;-/ #10000BC

— Jax Chequer (@JaxChequer) February 2, 2015

There were those left unimpressed by the entire format:

@Wessington @10000BC Disappointing ?

— Ann (@Dannj2) February 3, 2015

Rather them than me #10000BC

— Sharon Hill (@shaz2602) February 3, 2015

This is such rubbish, huts pre built, dead deer caught, pro giving advice! NO drop them out of a plane & do that stuff yrslf #10000BC

— Nikole Francesca (@NFOM1612) February 2, 2015

But others were in reality show heaven. Celebrity Big Brother, what?

I said I'd be watching and I am. @10000BC looking great so far. #10000BC

— Sixth Form Poet (@sixthformpoet) February 2, 2015

#10000BC was amazing. Can't wait for the next episode!

— Robert Baron (@baroniser) February 2, 2015

This #10000BC 'social experiment' show is ridiculously amazing. "To them this is still some kind of camping trip..."

— Sam Jacob (@_SamJacob) February 2, 2015

This programme is great and wish I could take part #10000BC

— Jimmy (@JimmySeacombe) February 2, 2015

And finally, this viewer expressed how we all feel here at, especially at this time of day...

#10000BC I wouldn't do it simply because I wouldn't be able to have tea.

— Cameo (@Cammyoxo) February 2, 2015


10,000 BC continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5