Twitter found Murder in Successville very, very funny…

BBC3's wacky new detective show began last night with guest star Jamie Laing – and the internet was in fits of giggles

We’ll admit we were a little confused when Murder in Successville was first announced, but BBC3’s new structured reality comedy cop drama impressions contest has won us all over.


Starring Tom Davis as investigator DI Sleet, the show is set in the fictional Successville and invites a different celebrity each week to help solve a murder mystery.

Last night was the turn of Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing whose corpsing debut as Sleet’s sidekick had Twitter very entertained… 

Perhaps it had something to do with Jamie’s struggles to get his lines out? “I’ve seen a pigeon eat some bread with a stone in it and it couldn’t fly” – or at least we think that’s what he was trying to say…

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