Jamie Laing’s best facial expressions from Murder in Successville

The crime is fictional but the Made in Chelsea star's struggle is real...

Murder in Successville may look like a dodgy cop show but it’s actually an almost entirely improvised comedy, with comedian Tom Davis putting famous faces through their paces as his new police assistant. The celebrities had no idea what they’d be asked to do; they just knew that they had to try and figure out who committed a fictional crime.


Dermot O’Leary, Deborah Meaden and Greg James will be showing off their sleuthing skills in future episodes but Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing was the first up in tonight’s. The producers told us that he got so carried away, he considered everyone around him a suspect. So even when he was dropped off in the wrong place to start filming, and someone was guiding him towards the set, he started asking them questions about the case.

Even when he was on the right track, he wasn’t very good at keeping it together in front of the cameras. You can’t blame him. No matter what happened during the 24 hours of filming, the cameras never stopped rolling. So from DI Sleet (Davis) making him snog his own hand to having to put on a dodgy Italian accent, it’s not surprising Laing struggled to keep in character. 


He may not be a great detective but he does pull some crackers. Here are some of Jamie Laing’s best facial expressions: