Top Gear presenters Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid have definitely put their first shaky series behind them if these new pictures are anything to go by.


They are returning for series 24 of the BBC2 motoring programme on March 5 – and couldn't look happier to be back.

The trio will take to the Dunsfold aerodrome studio and beyond to present the show as a threesome as the dynamic of the series has been tweaked to incorporate all three presenters in the studio following Chris Evans' exit last year.

These pictures show just what we can expect from the new-look programme:


Chris Harris, Rory Reid, Matt LeBlanc are looking pretty chilly as they film for episode one in Kazakhstan.

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"Kazakhstan is so vastly different to anywhere else I've ever visited," said Rory. "The landscape, the culture and the customs are all fascinating, as are the people."


No, they're not waiting in Croydon for a Southern train. Instead, the boys are braving -14 degrees temperatures in Kazakhstan beside a different sort of track than they're used to.


Tasked with finding three vehicles with nearly half a million miles on the clock, Matt, Chris and Rory came up trumps with these little beauties including a black cab for an epic race in Kazakhstan.


Matt meanwhile is doing a nice bit of smouldering in this shot. We want to say "How You Doin'?", but we won't.


Chris Harris seems at home behind the wheel of a Ferrari FXX OK – one of only 40 in the world – on a track at Daytona, Florida.


Although Sabine Schmitz and Eddie Jordan are also back for series 24, they're nowhere to be seen in this rather explosive promo image showing rockets, helicopters and a sad orange cone that's become a casualty of the carnage.


Matt LeBlanc matches his car to the road paint as he drives a 1969 Fiat 124 Sport Spider.


Back on the test track at Dunsfold aerodrome, the boys are tickled by something that is clearly absolutely hilarious.


Chris and Rory take some time out from filming to watch that scene where Joey gets a turkey stuck on his head. Probably...


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