This Ricky Gervais fan has one simple reason for saving the BBC

It's the David Brent dance of course...

A fan of Ricky Gervais and The Office has come up with one simple reason to back the BBC. Yes, it’s the David Brent dance of course.


The future of the BBC was called into question this week when culture secretary John Whittingdale revealed plans to assess the corporation’s size and scope.

High-profile stars including David Attenborough and JK Rowing called for prime minister David Cameron to protect it from cuts, as plenty have taken to social media to support the #BackTheBBC campaign. This has been bolstered by people posting their #BBCmemories, highlighting the good that’s come from the broadcaster. 

Twitter account @DavidBrentMusic has got straight to the point, simply posting a clip of a certain Mr Gervais doing a bit of hip-wiggling. 


That’s got to tip the balance, right?