This Irish weather forecaster just pulled off the best Halloween trick live on TV

Now you see her, now you don’t


Stormy weather went to new extremes on Halloween in Ireland yesterday when a forecaster was struck by lightning live on television.


One minute the Irish language TG4 presenter is calmly reporting on the climes. The next, she lets out a blood-curdling scream and vanishes into thin air as a lightning bolt strikes in the studio.

It was truly quite astonishing.

The usual advice would be to stay indoors, but clearly that doesn’t do any good.

Forecaster Caitlín Nic Aoidh clearly has previous when it comes to these kind of pranks. Yesterday, she tweeted a picture of herself reading the weather on a magic carpet. As you do.

An bhfaca sibh an tuar na haimsire anocht? #TG4XX

— TG4 (@TG4TV) October 31, 2016


It’s also impressive just how long the station plays out the ‘transmission fault’ for.