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This amazing Game of Thrones concept art shows what series 6 might have looked like

A glimpse of what could have been...

Published: Thursday, 18th August 2016 at 1:37 pm

Still struggling with the long wait until Game of Thrones season 7? Well, we may have just the thing for you – loads of gorgeous concept art that was made for season 6 by German design studio Karakter, which they’ve now posted on their website with additional commentary.


There’s an awful lot to plow through, but here are a few highlights…

Beating a dead horse

Suffice to say, this weapon choice by Wun-Wun could only have made the Battle of the Bastards even better.

“As a starting point for the Battle of the Bastards, we studied historical battle depictions of the previous centuries,” VFX concept artists Robert Simon said. “

“And then we exaggerated it in any way possible. It shows humankind at its worst…”

Hold the door

No, we’re still not over Hodor (Kristian Nairn)’s sacrifice yet – but by the looks of things, it was once conceived as an even greater battle between Bran’s friends and the Night’s King (which involved CGI direwolf Summer a lot more than the finished episode did).

Here be dragons

This scene, in which Daenerys attacked one of the Masters’ boats, made it more or less intact into the series – frankly, we would never have forgiven them if it didn’t.

Building the Citadel

The unique look of the Citadel was a very conscious choice, according to concept artist Floris Didden.

"The Maesters of Westeros are the most scientific people in a world of backwardness and I wanted the architecture of the Citadel to reflect this fact: ordered, radially symmetrical and highly sophisticated with complex mechanisms reflecting the light of reason through a cavern of gloomy ignorance."

Burn with me

And to cap it all off, here’s a look at the plans for what would later be season 6’s defining moment – the wildfire explosion at the Great Sept of Baelor.

Man, even in concept it still looks awesome.

To learn more about who Karakter are and what they do, you can read here and here, or visit their website where you can also see more Game of Thrones concept images.


Game of Thrones will return to TV in mid-2017


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