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The Voice: Olly Murs breaks down in tears over rift with twin brother

A moment of high emotion comes during ITV’s singing competition

Olly Murs on The Voice UK
Published: Saturday, 11th January 2020 at 10:08 am

While ITV’s The Voice UK is often full of emotional moments, the tears usually come from the contestants – but this week, it’s singer/coach Olly Murs who ends up in tears following a conversation about his estranged twin brother.


The tearful moment comes after the judges watch a performance by twins, which sparks some painful memories for the singer of his experiences with his own sibling Ben.

“It brings back memories when I see twins,” Murs tells fellow judge Sir Tom Jones in the Saturday 11th January edition of the singing competition. “When we were kids we used to sing all the time.”

“We had a big argument,” he adds, referring to the rift that developed between him and brother Ben 10 years ago.

“I feel like the next time I’m going to see him is when we lose somebody close in our family, and I don’t want that to be the case.

“I’ve got no idea where he lives.”

The Voice judges

Reportedly, Ben and Olly Murs stopped speaking after Olly missed his brother’s wedding to compete in the 2009 X Factor semi-final, and the falling out hasn’t resolved itself since.

“It’s a shame — even more so for my mum,” Murs says in Saturday’s episode of The Voice.

“And I do miss having my twin with me. We had these two different personalities but we just had this bond.”

Tom Jones is quick to offer some reassurance for Olly, telling him “I understand what you’re feeling, but you will do it — you’ll get back together.”

“Yeah. I hope we can,” Olly concludes.


The Voice UK airs on ITV on Saturdays at 8.30pm


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