After 13 weeks and 11 eliminations, just four Strictly Come Dancing 2015 celebrities remain. Jay McGuiness, Georgia May Foote, Kellie Bright and Katie Derham are set to battle it out for this year's Glitterball Trophy on Saturday night.


One of them is hours away from winning the competition, but they are all feeling far from competitive...

"I really truly do not feel [competitive] at all. I’ve never felt it, during the whole time we’ve been on the show," said Kellie Bright, who topped the leaderboard in the semi-final. "I feel like we are a team. To do something like Strictly, which is terrifying, to be able to pull together has been the best thing about it.

"Going into this weekend, I still want everyone here to do their best and be happy with what they’ve done. To be honest, we’ve made it this far so we’ve all done it! We’re all winners," she added.

Fellow finalist Georgia May Foote agrees. She's just amazed she's come this far. "I still can’t believe I’m in the show full stop, let alone the final," she says.

In fact, Katie Derham's already got her hands on a Glitterball: "A friend of mine made me this little necklace, which is a mini Glitterball... so I’ve got a little one already."

As for Jay McGuiness, 2015's only male finalist reckons the shiny trophy is actually "redundant."

"It is a wonderful Glitterball but it’s more for the people. We’ve got what we wanted from the show," the 25-year-old tells us.

"When you first start, you think there’s a possibility that you could win the Glitterball, but as the weeks go on you realise that does become redundant. What you’re winning, what you’re getting from this show, isn’t the chance that you could win, it’s the experience."

It's exciting, but the final is also bittersweet: "This week I feel slightly more emotional just because I know it’s going to be the last one," says Kellie. "I’m not thinking about the winning I’m just thinking about how this is our last chance to do this."

However, they admit they are ready for a break from the gruelling hours spent in the Strictly studio.

"We are all a bit sore and ready for a really long hot bath," Georgia tells us, while Katie Derham is looking forward to some time away from Strictly's soundtrack. "I don’t think anything compares you... [for] how much it’s in your mind the entire time," she says. "The fact that I can’t really lie in bed without hearing music going round and round… it’s like being kind of possessed!"

Kellie adds, "I’m quite looking forward to actually not having any make up on, or brushing my hair. Or even getting out of my pajamas maybe for a few days. I’m holding on the thought of that!"

Even Katie's professional parter Anton Du Beke, who has reached the final for the first time this year, isn't that focussed on the winning itself.

"It’s really getting to the end that’s the key. Making the final is the most wonderful thing," he says. " If we win it’s like an extra cherry on an already magnificent cake."


Strictly Come Dancing: the Grand Final is on Saturday 19th December from 6:35pm on BBC1