We WILL see Jay’s Jive during Strictly 2015 final reveals Aliona Vilani

Breathe a sigh of relief, Strictly fans. We will see a "little glimpse" of that brilliant week three Jive during Jay McGuiness's Showdance on Saturday night...

Strictly fans were felt open-mouthed (just me?) when Jay and Aliona revealed they wouldn’t be repeating their jaw-droppingly good Jive during this weekend’s Strictly Come Dancing 2015 final. But we can breathe a sigh of relief. 


Pro Aliona Vilani has revealed that, while they’ve decided to repeat the Paso Doble in full instead, we will get a “little glimpse” of what judge Bruno Tonioli dubbed the “best dance ever” this weekend. 

“In our showdance,” she said ahead of the Strictly Grand Final. “The last part of the Jive is the last part of our showdance. Just for the people, just a little glimpse of it!”

Jay also spoke about the reason behind their decision not to channel Pulp Fiction in the final. 

“The Jive was so fun and I think everyone loved it. That was the absolute best I could do it and I’m happy with that being the time that I did the Jive. I’m more than happy with what that was,” he told us. “I think a few people think, ‘Do the Jive. That’s going to be you sorted.’ I think that’s not the case at all. I want to surprise people with something.”

“I think probably everyone expected us to do the Jive and wanted us to do the Jive and we understand it,” Aliona added. “We both decided that it was an amazing moment. We want to, kind of, not take the easy road to show how much Jay has improved.”

And while their decision isn’t a hugely popular one with the public, who were hoping for another chance to watch the performance, Jay’s fellow finalists seemed rather pleased about the choice

“Thank you very much,” smirked Kate Derham’s professional partner Anton du Beke. “I don’t want you to do the Jive! It was really, really good. Don’t do the Jive. Do one you messed right up.”

Plus, it’s not like the final will be the last time Jay will don his dancing shoes.

“It’s not like we’ll never do it again,” added the 25-year-old. “If we weren’t going to do the Strictly Live Tour I’d be like, ‘Maybe we should do it,’ but we are going to hopefully do that for four weeks. That’s going to be a lot of fun.”


Strictly Come Dancing: the Final is on Saturday from 6:35pm on BBC1