The Love Trap: Release date, trailer and latest news for Channel 4 dating show

Will David find love on this show?

joel dommett love trap

Fans of reality dating shows will likely do a double-take when they spot the main man in this new show from Channel 4, The Love Trap. The bachelor who will be choosing from a selection of women is none other than David from the first series of Too Hot to Handle.


Fans of that show will know the personal trainer was unable to find lasting love there, but will he find success the second time around in this series? Well, he has a 50 per cent chance – the USP of this format is that half the women he will be choosing from will be keeping a secret from him.

But what is The Love Trap, and when does it start? Read on for all the information you need to know!

The Love Trap release date

We do not have long to wait until we see how David’s romantic detective journey goes, as The Love Trap starts on Channel 4 on Wednesday 20th October at 10pm with new episodes airing each week.

What is The Love Trap

The Love Trap is a game of love and detection, as David will have to work out who is telling the truth and who is putting on an act. There are eight women lined up for the show, but only four of them are genuinely looking for love while the others are already in a relationship and are just after the cash prize.

David will eliminate one contestant each week, dropping them down an actual trapdoor (yes, you read that right…), and he will hope that the one left standing at the end is genuine. As for the women in question, they are Chloe, Demi, Eleanor, Elise, J’Harie, Kelly, Saran and Thea, who we will get to know as the weeks unfold.

The Love Trap trailer

If you fancy a glimpse of this intriguing show, take a look at The Love Trap trailer right here!


The Love Trap starts on Channel 4 on Wednesday 20th October at 10pm. Want something else to watch? Check out our full TV Guide or visit our Entertainment hub for the latest news.