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The Jump: Brian McFadden wants to win, Arg “just not arsed”

Westlife star has no fear when it comes to that huge ski jump and has his eye on the prize. Our TOWIE man? Well, he’s happier on the sofa…

Published: Wednesday, 27th January 2016 at 1:05 pm

Training is well underway for this year’s third series of The Jump and Westlife’s Brian McFadden jokes there’s varying levels of interest: he’s in it to win it, The Only Way Is Essex’s Arg on the other hand is “just not arsed”.


The celebs are two weeks into their training and while McFadden says he’s biting at the heels of favourites actor Dean Cain, gymnast Beth Tweddle and former EastEnder Sid Owen, TOWIE’s James ‘Arg’ Argent is “struggling”.

“The only person who’s really struggling is Arg. But to be honest with you, Arg struggles to get out of bed in the morning,” McFadden told, the celebrities training to compete against each other in everything from ski cross to moguls across the six week series. “He’s not nervous. The thing about Arg is half the time he’s just not arsed. He’d rather sit on the couch.

“He’s the best guy in here. He’s had all of our spirits up, he’s so funny, he’s such a beautiful guy but his work rate isn’t amazing. He’ll do one run and then say ‘I’ll meet you at the bottom.’”

Is he in it for the après ski, I ask? “Arg is not drinking but he’s definitely enjoying the banter. I think his favourite part of the skiing is when we come back to the hotel and sit around the fire and tell stories. He seems to enjoy that the most.”

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As for McFadden, he’s the first person I’ve spoken to whose favourite part is the ski jump.

“The skiing is fine, the fun bit is doing the air jump and the ski jump – it was fun.”

He says there’s no way he’ll shy away from going from the highest point if the need arises, either. “Oh yeah, definitely. If I get to the final and I have to win it I’m going straight to the top. Absolutely. There’s no way I want to go home.”

As for injuries, McFadden says people are getting knocks and going straight back out. People are “afraid of falling behind everybody else” he said. He himself took a bashing to the ribs in the skeleton – so far his least favourite discipline – but he’s not worried about breaking any bones.

“Nah, all that happens is I fall on my arse and get a bruise. I’ve broken bones before, they heal.”


The Jump returns Sunday at 7:30pm on Channel 4


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