Richard Hammond opens up about the moment his boat sank on The Grand Tour Scotland special: ‘Nobody saved me!’

Hammond had a major accident on the Grand Tour Scotland special and Jeremy or James didn't help him out of it.

Richard Hammond - The Grand Tour presents: A Massive Hunt

Jeremy Clarskson, Richard Hammond and James May are hitting the road for The Grand Tour Scotland special.


The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown arrives on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, 30th July and will the see the guys driving around some American cars in the Scotland Highlands.

It’s never a dull moment when these three are together, and one of Jeremy Clarkson’s highlights from the Grand Tour special includes a scene in which Hammond’s boat sinks.

Speaking to press including, Hammond opened up about the moment he realised his boat was going under.

“My mind isn’t the quickest of devices at the best of times and there really wasn’t an opportunity for much to go through it,” he said.

“Essentially I was pulling a big platform with Jeremy on it in a little fishing boat and I tied the rope off to one side. Long story short, I gave it a little bit of a tug and it started to rock, and then Jeremy said, ‘Go on! Pull harder,’ so I gave it all the throttle and it split and it sank.”

Hammond insists the scene wasn’t scripted, adding: “You see on camera in real time. And by the way, this was very much not expected. If that had been a stunt, it would have been two days work and it never would have been as good.

“We have one little GoPro camera mounted on the boat, which kept me in frame as it sank, but  you see it sinks in about 10 seconds.”

The petrolhead says the moment was only made worse by the fact that neither Clarkson, May and any of the crew members helped him while he was sinking.

“And you’ll also notice, because as ours is a show thrives on failure (it’s just as bloody well isn’t it) nobody jumped in the water to save me,” he said.


“There wasn’t a safety boat because we weren’t doing anything to demand it. So everybody just walked and picked up their cameras and filmed as I splashed about wearing a pair of big blue jeans and a sweater and a wet jacket, which isn’t the best swimming in, it turns out!”

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