Jenny Ryan has become known as one of the most formidable Chasers on The Chase, flooring audiences and participants alike with her exceptional knowledge on, well, everything!


Outside of The Chase, Ryan is an avid quizzer and even hosts her own podcast alongside Lucy Porter in which they speak about "the quiz world from armchair to pub to telly", and each week they test one another, as well as listeners, on topics that always come up during a quiz.

In case you find yourself at a loss of how best to ace a quiz, Jenny Ryan has told which key topics you need to know to succeed.

In an exclusive interview, Ryan said: "The classic [facts] I would always learn [are] flags, national capitals [and] US state capitals."

She recommended that quizzers should "keep an eye" on "slightly obscure bits of knowledge".

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Ryan continued: "I think if you're worried about your quiz team, pick five topics if there are five of you and all go off and do a bit of work on them.

"Finding a way to learn what will suit you is really important if you're really serious about upgrading your quiz skills, then figuring out a way like that is great."

Whether your quiz team always finds themselves in the bottom spot of the leaderboard, or you fancy yourself as a quiz aficionado, Warner Hotels and Radio Times are teaming up for Warner Hotels' Radio Times Weekends, with one exciting weekend featuring Ryan and Porter recording a live podcast episode of Fingers on Buzzers with Ken Bruce!

Speaking of doing a live recording of their podcast at Radio Times Weekend, Ryan said: "We really love tailoring the experience to the special guests that we have on... So except the unexpected."

Lucy Porter shared her excitement for having Ken Bruce as part of the recording, telling that it's going to be "lovely" recording with the legendary radio host, and to be quizzing with him also is "amazing".


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