The beloved PopMaster is making its way to Studley Castle this summer as Ken Bruce will be bringing the hit quiz show to a live audience at this year's Warner Hotels' Radio Times Weekend.


The Radio Times' Quiz Weekend will take place in August and will feature legendary quizmaster and radio host Ken Bruce, who as well as recording a live podcast episode of Fingers on Buzzers with The Chase's Jenny Ryan and comedian Lucy Porter, will be hosting a live PopMaster, giving those in attendance a chance to take part in the iconic music quiz.

In an exclusive interview with, Bruce opened up about his excitement to be hosting the quiz live for Radio Times Weekends.

"It makes a big difference when you get to see the white in their eyes," he said.

"It's lovely to see, everybody's smiling and happy and enjoying themselves. It adds an extra element to the radio experience."

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Ken Bruce on PopMaster. He is sat down on a chair looking ahead, wearing a floral shirt and glasses.
Ken Bruce on PopMaster. Jamie Simpson / Channel 4

While, of course, the live quiz will be different to the radio show and even the new television series, the same theme runs throughout each of them.

"It's still recognisably PopMaster," Bruce explained. "But it's just different and I like to think it can be more of a team game when we're out in an event like this."

As ever with quizzes, there is always a streak of competitiveness and this is something both Bruce and PopMaster question creator Phil Swern love to see.

Bruce told "As you get towards the end of the night, there's a certain edge to the atmosphere."

As many will know, Bruce continues to entertain millions of fans with his Greatest Hits Radio show after departing BBC Radio 2 in February 2023, bringing with him the rights to his PopMaster quiz.

Speaking of moving listeners over from Radio 2, Bruce told "If some people have joined Greatest Hits Radio because I've been there, then they've stayed because the rest of the output is great.

"It's because they're hearing good broadcasters, good music and it's a product they want to stay with."

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