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The best of James Corden's carpool karaoke

From Stevie Wonder to Mariah Carey via Rod Stewart and Jennifer Hudson, here's why the Late Late Show host's journey to work is never dull logo
Published: Thursday, 17th September 2015 at 12:18 pm

James Corden's journey to work on his US Late Late Show is never a bore. He doesn't sit in traffic twiddling his thumbs. He invites a famous singer to hop into the passenger seat and they sail down the carpool lane having a ruddy good sing-a-long.


Not just any songs, of course: they belt out the artists' own tunes. Corden's got some impressive lungs on him after all. He can hit you with a Stevie Wonder solo, a Justin Bieber melody or a Mariah Carey note (Ok, perhaps not the highest ones, unless his seatbelt is done up too tight).

As the list of famous faces joining Corden for 'carpool karaoke' grows, we check out some of the best so far:

Stevie Wonder

I spy a bromance. Stevie Wonder serenades Corden's wife and invents a new band for the duo to launch: the Wondercats...

Mariah Carey

Ms Mariah Carey was never going to sing. She'd been up all night. She definitely, no way, wasn't for a second.... 'Oooooooo'...

Justin Bieber

Bieber's got the vocals and the moves and is quite happy to chomp on chips, explain fondu to Corden and admit his music has the most dislikes on the internet...

Jennifer Hudson

Hudson's late (tsk!) but they still fit in time for a burger stop, a quick pause for a pic with her star on the Walk of Fame and, of course, a bit of singing during which Corden decides he's R. Kelly.

Rod Stewart

Corden rocks out with Rod, finds out why bands throw TVs out of the window and does some head-banging on the guitar solos...


For more check out The Late Late Show with James Corden's YouTube channel


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