That’s So Raven is coming back with a new spin-off series

The teenage psychic is back - and she's now a mother to twins


She might have been able to gaze into the future but we doubt Raven Symone saw this one coming: That’s So Raven is returning to Disney Channel for a new spin-off series, featuring the teen psychic and her twin children.


The upcoming spin-off sees the titular star and her on-screen best pal Annelise Van Der Pol returning to their Disney roots to reprise their roles and become on-screen mothers, according to US insiders Deadline. A bit like the Full House reboot, basically.

The show catches up with Raven and Chelsea, who’ve divorced their other halves, embraced life as single mums and just to happen to be raising their two families in one massive Fuller House. Sorry, one massive house. Obviously.

It’s all going swimmingly until one of Raven’s twins (played by Isaac Brown and Navia Robinson) starts to show psychic promise, getting glimpses of the future like their mother. That’s when all hell breaks loose and the real fun begins.


Not even psychic mummy Raven can keep up, but we’re guessing she’s foreseeing great success for the sequel. She gave up her spot on US talk show The View to work on it.