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Tearful Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton beg to be left alone on Made in Chelsea

The tempestuous duo were the talking point of the MIC series finale and they weren't happy about it...

Published: Monday, 16th June 2014 at 8:58 pm

Well, that was emotional. Tonight's Made in Chelsea series finale had it all - tears, tantrums, declarations of unrequited love (Jamie to Lucy, of course). 


So, where do we stand as the cast cross the pond to descend on the Big Apple? Binky and Alex, as we've come to expect of series seven, are this week's hot topic. Determined to press on with mending their relationship, the duo were the go-to conversation topic among their fellow cast mates. 

Everyone had their two cents... Cheska announced (again) that she wasn't going to try any more, Fran worried about getting caught in the middle, the boys agreed they would be better apart. A tearful Binks even fell out with her mum over Alex "coming between them".

But it took Spencer and his almighty wisdom to take up the baton and deliver some home truths to Alex. Calling his boiii aside during a trip to a country house - and with the support of Jamie, Andy and Stevie - Spenny told Alex, "It's my opinion and the opinion of many others that this whole thing is really bearing quite heavily on everyone. I was just wondering if it might be easier to just leave it?

"It's none of our places to tell you to break up with her. It's just a suggestion."

Unfortunately it wasn't a suggestion that went down too well. "I'm in love with the girl - that's as far as it can go," replied Alex before promptly trotting off to a raging Binky. "We're going through a horrible time. How's that going to be helpful to us?" she fumed before the pair confronted Spencer who just happened to be in conversation with Binky's ex-BFF Lucy. 

Dramatics ensued - no one saw that coming, eh? - as the troubled lovebirds pleaded to be left alone, eventually addressing the entire cast. "It seems a lot of you have been talking about our relationship," said Alex. "I think it's wrong. Can you please back off and let us be happy. I f**king love this girl more than anything, I just wish you could support it." 

But support it they couldn't with Jamie in particular voicing his opinion to the group. "Can everyone just leave us alone?" sobbed Binky with her friends looking on aghast as she and Alex stormed off.

And that's where we left it. Plenty of groundwork laid for what will no doubt be an entertaining sojourn to the US of A this summer... Jamie and Lucy's friendship looks to be back on track (for now), there's a fledgling romance brewing between Louise and Fordy andcan we take a moment to appreciate in-love Stevie. Are we the only ones who want to marry him? Yup... ok, then. 


Well, that's it for series seven. Keep your eyes peeled for MIC meets NYC in the not-so-distant future. We're excited. Are you?


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