Tan France has spoken out about one of the most dramatic moments of Netflix competition show Next in Fashion - when he broke down in tears while addressing the designers.


Episode four of the show had seen the judges struggle to reach a decision as to which pair of designers should be sent home following a hotly contested street wear challenge – prompting guest judge Kerby Jean-Raymond to storm off set.

Eventually, the panel continued their deliberations overnight, with Tan moved to tears as he explained the situation to the contestants.

Speaking about that moment to RadioTimes.com and other media, France explained what it was that made him so emotional.

“The reason why it made me so emotional is because I was trying to explain to the contestants that we are designers,” he said. “I'm no longer a designer but I used to be a designer and a struggling designer, Alexa is a designer, we know the pressure of this game just as well as any other designer.

“So, it's not like we're coming from a position where we don't get you, we're just happy to let you go without any great concern.

"It was hard letting people go knowing that they are so dedicated to what they do - this really does affect their life it's not just a competition, it's not just a show.

“And so, as I started speaking about it, it did make me very emotional, it took me right back to all the feelings that I used to feel.”

France went on to explain that he had experienced a great period of depression when he was a struggling designer.

“Business can do that to you, design business can do that to you, it can make you really question yourself and your position in the world.

“So that one really affected me. It was hard deliberating every episode, because it's not just a case of well their stuff wasn't pretty this episode - we're about to break somebody's dream.”


Next in Fashion is streaming on Netflix from January 29th 2020