X Factor’s Anelisa Lamola returns nine years after first audition

After reaching the final 12 girls in 2007, Anelisa now hopes to win (and become best friends with Beyoncé)


Nine years after her first X Factor audition Anelisa Lamola has returned to perform for the judges.


Admitting she “cried her eyes out” after being sent home at Bootcamp in 2007, Anelisa says it was then that she realised singing was all she wanted to do.

Tonight she tells the judges that they were right to send her home then because she wasn’t ready. But she’s been gigging and learning about herself as an artist and is now ready to win the competition. And, she laughs, reach the important next stay of her life which is – as well as performing – becoming best friends with Beyoncé. Obvs.

Having been one of the judges’ early favourites in 2007, has Anelisa got what it takes to go all the way? Judging by this clip, it looks like she’s got a pretty good chance:


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