Panda Ross is quite the unforgettable character – which is maybe why so many people will be recognising her after her X Factor audition this weekend.


The 48-year-old, who earned herself a hug from Simon Cowell after nailing Aretha Franklin’s Natural Woman during her audition, has stood up and sung for the music mogul three times before.

Speaking ahead of her audition, Ross explained, “Oh my God, I auditioned for the USA X Factor on seasons 1, 2 and 3 – and every year they sent me home.

“Six years later I’m back to settle some unfinished business with Simon Cowell. He’s got a little bit older but he’s still sexy. I’m going to give him a piece of my Panda pie!”

Here’s a clip of the unmistakable and bubbly Ross belting Bring It On Home on the X Factor USA in 2012.

Speaking to Yahoo about her surprise at being kicked off the show in 2012, Ross explained, “I was really thinking they were going to pick me. How could you not pick me? I don’t know if I ever thought I was going to win, but I just really thought I’d land in the top 12.”

But while the judges may have sent Ross packing at the boot camp stages, the American public were huge fans of the larger-than-life star, with many of her followers dubbing themselves ‘Panda Fandas’.

Will the British people take to Panda as much as her American counterparts?

Panda Ross: Key Facts

From: Texas, USA

Age: 48