Why Sharon Osbourne’s first day back on X Factor is set to be really awkward

Sharon, there may be some people singing at you...


It’s official, Sharon Osbourne is back on the X Factor judging panel, yet two years ago she said – in no uncertain terms – that she’d had enough of reality singing contests.


“If one more person stands in front of me and sings… I tell you, I’ve had it with people singing at me,” Mrs O told US chat show host Conan O’Brien. “And I’ve had it watching people singing on TV.”

“Too contrived, boring, boring, boring,” she added, just in case we hadn’t got the message that she was kind of over the whole ‘singing for your life’ thing. And that was after she’d just won with Sam Bailey. Imagine if all of her acts had gone out in the first few weeks…

So, day one back on X Factor will be interesting this year, won’t it? Unless The X Factor has had an almighty revamp and everybody’s going to be judged on how well they can tie their shoes or something. Or she’s got some really good earplugs…


The X Factor returns later this year on ITV