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Who are the acts performing on the first Britain's Got Talent: The Champions show?

Dancing stormtroopers, a daredevil double act and the scariest magician in Got Talent history join us for the opening show

BGT The Champions ©Syco/Thames
Published: Friday, 30th August 2019 at 9:04 am

Britain’s Got Talent is back – again.


This time, some of Britain’s most talented and best-loved acts are back to defend their titles, as performers from all over the world head to the UK to try their luck at being crowned the ultimate champion.

The strong opening episode sees acts from America, India and Asia’s Got Talent go head to head in front of Simon Cowell and co, to try and win the coveted golden buzzer and a place in the final.

Here’s who you can look forward to…

Ashleigh and Sully

Ashleigh and Sully BGT (ITV)

Ashleigh Butler won the 2012 series with dancing dog act Pudsey. Their huge success saw them perform at the Diamond Jubilee, star in children’s TV shows and even a movie.

Sadly, Pudsey died in 2017, and Ashleigh started training new dog, Sully, to take over the act. And Sully is just as much as a show-off, having performed with Ashleigh on America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

Bello and Annaliese Nock

The father-daughter duo originally appeared separately on America’s Got Talent, taking part in the 12th and 13th seasons of the hit NBC show.

Bello’s hair may be standing on end like that thanks to his jaw-dropping stunts – in his series of AGT, he blew himself out of a cannon and over the blades of a helicopter. Annaliese is equally as courageous/mad, deciding to blow herself up with dynamite as she locked herself in a box.

Connie Talbot

Pudgy-faced and toothless, six-year-old Connie won the hearts of the nation in 2007 with her angelic singing voice which routinely reduced Amanda Holden to tears. Despite coming second, Talbot was arguably the biggest star of that season, appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in the States and touring Asia.

Now 18, Talbot is back with an original song which she hopes will blow the judges away once more.

The Nelson Twins

Hairy Australian comedy-act The Nelson Twins reached the final of Australia’s Got Talent in 2012. Their razor-sharp one-liners can often get a bit naughty, so brace yourself for a belly laugh.

Bad Salsa

Bad Salsa BGT ©Syco/Thames

The dancers, which includes of India’s Got Talent winner Sonali Majumdar (who won the show aged just 7 in 2012) bring a super-fast salsa dance to Got Talent, complete with an Indian twist. Prepare to feel dizzy.

Kseniya Simonova

Kseniya BGT ©Syco/Thames

The highly unique sand artist wowed the world when she won Ukraine’s Got Talent in 2009, with her emotional act seeing her perform for presidents and royalty.

She previously appeared in America’s Got Talent: The Champions, with Cowell describing her work as “one of the most beautiful acts in the history of Got Talent” – so expect big things.

Boogie Storm

Boogie Storm BGT ©Syco/Thames

The disco-dancing Stormtroopers are Simon Cowell’s favourite act ever from Britain’s Got Talent, having won his golden buzzer in 2016. It’s no surprise really, as Cowell is basically the reality TV version of Darth Vader.

The Sacred Riana

Sacred Riana BGT ©Syco/Thames

The winner of Asia’s Got Talent 2017, Riana is utterly terrifying. The illusionist is the most viewed Got Talent winner ever after a YouTube recording her act received over 70 million views, with her act made all the more scary by the presence of what appears to be a possessed doll. Be very afraid.

Paul Potts

Paul potts BGT The Champions (ITV)

Got Talent wouldn’t be Got Talent without Paul Potts. The winner of the original 2007 series, the former Carphone Warehouse salesman has arguably paved the path for all Got Talent winners, having gone on to sell seven albums, perform globally and even be the subject of a film starring James Corden.


Britain's Got Talent launches Saturday 31st August at 8pm on ITV


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