Viewers know who they want to leave X Factor this weekend

With the quadruple elimination looming, it's not looking good for Grace Davies or Sam Black

ITV Pictures, SL

The X Factor will resurrect its quadruple elimination during this weekend’s Crazy in Love shows, bringing the total number of acts down from 10 to six. The ruthless twist was originally due to take place last week, before Simon Cowell called it off, explaining it wasn’t “fair” to contestants.


But after their week-long reprieve, who will fall victim to the mass clear out this weekend? Viewers have a pretty good idea of who they want to send packing, with Sam Black topping a poll asking who should exit the show.

Black garnered 34.9% of the 1,700 votes cast followed by one-time favourite Grace Davies with 13.5%. Davies had won the support of the public early in the competition when she was crowned victor of the first week of live shows, rewarded with a trip to see Pink perform in New York.

But the tide appears to have turned on the young hopeful ahead of this weekend’s performances. Early indications also suggest Sean and Conor Price and The Cutkelvins could be in trouble after they earned 11.3% and 8.3% of the vote respectively.

Meanwhile, Kevin Daly White, Rak-Su and Holly Tandy look to be safe from elimination – at least for this week…


X Factor airs on Saturday at 8:10pm and Sunday at 7:3pm – both on ITV