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Togni Brothers fall mid-performance, repeat move, nail it

Michael and Dario smile through the mistake as Simon Cowell says it shows they have "guts"

Published: Thursday, 26th May 2016 at 7:27 pm

Foot juggling brothers Michael and Dario - aka the Togni Brothers - fell during their live semi-final performance tonight but earned high praise from the judges.


During a trick, which saw Michael flip Dario into the air to complete multiple spins, Dario slipped and fell onto Michael. But the pair took a moment to recover, repeated the move and absolutely nailed it.

Confirming they were both fine, the judges were full of compliments.

"That’s what happens on live TV sometimes. I wouldn’t say it went wrong – a little bit of a slip – it showed you had guts and in a weird way it made the whole act more exciting," Cowell said.

"The stumble just shows how hard it is," added David Walliams as Amanda Holden admitted she was nervous throughout.

"It was more scary than Alex the sword man for me – you came back fighting," she said.

Of the slip, Michael said: "You can train as much as you like but it’s a live show. Our act demands a lot of strength and it is risky."

"Don’t worry about making mistakes live on television, we have built a career on it," joked co-host Dec.


The duo had already told me earlier today that they'd had less time than they'd wanted to rehearse, as Dario was carrying an injury. But as Cowell noted, the public are bound to get behind them now giving them a really good chance of making it into Saturday's final.


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