Togni Brothers injury and more BGT gossip from backstage at last semi-final

We catch up with the acts ahead of their performance tonight including the Togni Brothers who have a few concerns ahead of the live show...


I’m backstage at Britain’s Got Talent and there’s a lot going on as everyone prepares for the last semi-final of the series.


Nine more acts will take to the stage tonight, including Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer Jasmine Elcock, Trip Hazard the performing pooch and singers Ana and Fia.

Between their preparations they’re dropping by for a chat with me, including the Togni Brothers who have just a few things on their mind…

The Togni Brothers: injury has halted training

Brothers Michael, 21, and Dario, 20, wowed the judges with the foot juggling skills. However, they have been unable to train for the semi-final for the last three weeks after Dario suffered an injury during one of their recent performances. He ripped a back muscle and had to have therapy, the duo only being able to get back to rehearsing for tonight’s performance last week.

“I think we’re ready…” Michael grinned. “We do get injured quite a lot. It’s normal for us. Dario broke my rib once during a performance. We missed a trick, which we’re going to be doing tonight, actually…”

… Plus, they’re worried they won’t be able to hear each other

It’s crucial Dario can hear Michael’s instructions during their performance, otherwise he can’t hear his cues. They’ve tried it out with the music, but the pair admit they’re concerned that if the crowd are cheering it’ll drown them out.

“It can be quite dangerous because I have to talk a lot, I have to say where to go and what to to,” Michael explained. “It sometimes happens that if the music is too loud he won’t hear me.

“We’ll see with the crowd… that could be a thing.”

While they obviously both know the routine, Michael said they literally can’t carry out their performance if they can’t hear each other, so it’s a big concern.

“I just push and he flies without knowing what he’s doing [if he can’t hear me].

“Being acrobats anything can happen,” Michael continued. “Anything can go wrong, if he’s just turning a bit or if we’re not in the right position or timing…”

The duo have no safety equipment on the floor either. The show offered it, they said, but they didn’t want it as it looks “more professional” without.

“Of course, it makes it even more dangerous,” he teased.

As for the judges, the duo are hoping they know to stay away from the buzzers..!

Craig Ball is risking brand new voices tonight

“There’s some voices I’ve never even done on YouTube,” impressionist Ball teased ahead of tonight’s performance. “This the first time I’m doing them ever in front of people.”

“The way my performance goes I needed a certain type of character, it was the only one I could probably do in the time I’ve got. I’ve had to learn some of the voices just for this. There was one I didn’t really want to do, I was really trying to do it and couldn’t figure a way to do it and then one day it clicked. I figured out a way to do it and now it’s in the show! It was a very difficult one to do.”

The impressionist is singing another song tonight in the voice of the various characters. Ball was sporting a Star Wars hat while speaking to me so I asked if we’d hear any characters from the show, but he’d only smile and say maybe. “They’re actually quite difficult and the ones I can do are quite unknown – like I can do the junk yard dealer from the Phantom Menace.”

He also hinted at something else being on stage with him, but wouldn’t go into any details.

… And Ball wouldn’t dare do an impression of anyone from the royal family at the Royal Variety Performance incase he’s beheaded

“I did joke about it but I don’t think I could get away with that. I do a mock Queen and that’s about it…

“I think they would bring back beheading just for that,” he laughed.

Ana and Fia can’t believe they’re being asked for pictures

Since mother and daughter singing duo Ana and Fia took to the Britain’s Got Talent stage it’s been go, go, go. Ana admitted even going to Tesco is different now.

“I went to Tesco and people were like ‘Oh can you take a picture before you get too famous!’ Amen for that,” She laughed. “We didn’t expect that. We’re enjoying the competition.”

Fia’s had the same at Sixth Form where other students have been recognizing her.

“It’s definitely weird. Usually you just walk around and you can have your lunch without anyone asking. Now I go to college and someone will come up to me in the library where I’m revising and say, ‘You’re Fia from BGT!’ It’s fun.

While it’s Fia’s dream to win the competition with her mum and continue singing, she did have another career plan before that (hence the revising).

“I want to sing full time, if not singing I want to pursue my dreams… as an accountant,” she laughed. “Singing I prefer obviously, but I like college, too.”

Jasmine Elcock can’t believe she made Ant cry

Singer Jasmine earned Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer this year and she can’t quite believe how Ant reacted: “I never thought I’d make a grown man cry!” she laughed. “Initially I thought they were coming to give me a hug so I was like, oh great. Then I realized they were going towards the buzzer and I was like, oh even more great! They pressed it and that was fantastic. It was surreal to know they pressed that Golden Buzzer for me.

“My friends are supporting me a lot, they’re putting posters up in the corridors at school and two of them are coming to watch, so they’re really supporting.”

Going back to school was a bit weird, she admits. “I got a mob of school girls come to hug me and congratulate me. There’s still the excitement for the semi-finals.

“A lot of Year 7s asked for pictures.”

As for tonight’s performance, Jasmine’s happy with the song she’s singing. “I knew the song already and I really liked it already so I was really glad I had that song as my song.”


Britain’s Got Talent continues tonight at 7:30pm on ITV