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The X Factor: The Band’s Boaz Dopemu - ‘We could do better than One Direction’

Boy band star Boaz explains just why they have an advantage over their rival girl band ahead of Sunday night’s X Factor final

X Factor Boaz (ITV)
Published: Sunday, 15th December 2019 at 7:01 pm

We’re just days away from The X Factor: The Band’s final, with our newly-formed boy band going up against the girls on Sunday night.


While the girl group sees some seriously strong contenders, the boy band’s Boaz Dopemu believes they have an edge on their rivals – and thinks that they could even replicate the success of X Factor alumni One Direction.

“I just think the diversity and personality and the characters of all of us together, when you combine it, it gives us something the girls cannot create,” he told

“I think we’ve got a really good opportunity to match, or if not do better, than One Direction’s success, because we’re bringing something fresh no one’s seen before.

“Obviously there’s always going to be people that will compare you to former greatness. I think we all share a similar opinion that we don’t want to do something that has been done before.

“We don’t want to just rival or be the new One Direction, we want to be something new and different and fresh.”

According to Boaz, the boy band – who were put together on Friday night’s show – are “gelling together well”, but he did admit that there have been some occasions leading up to the final where they struggled with the speed of the process.

“We were having a few issues and we were feeling a bit down, we got someone to speak to Simon Cowell and he signed off on all the ideas we put to him. It’s reassuring to know that he’s on our side,” Boaz said.

“It’s stressful having something with such a quick turnaround, particularly as it was such a huge change for some of us – just last month, I was in uni doing assignments, now I’m here.

“I think it’s obvious it will have an effect on us. We were coming to terms with this new life, both the aspect of the work, because it has been gruelling, with long days and a lot to learn. But we are enjoying the challenge.”


The X Factor: The Band concludes Sunday at 8.10pm on ITV


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