The Voice UK’s Into the Ark: Everything you need to know about the Team Tom finalists

The Welsh duo met when they were teenagers and are going on tour in May


Into the Ark – Dane Lloyd and Taylor Jones

Ages: 20 and 25


Twitter: @Intothearkmusic

Team: Team Tom

Best moment: Going up against the formidable Linda Jennings in the Battles, Dane and Taylor really shone with their on-point harmonies with their performance of More Than Words.

Bio: Into the Ark are already an established band. The pair met six years ago at a local charity gig at a rugby club in Wales when Taylor was 14 and Dane was 18.

Taylor explained that when the pair got talking, they realised they were into the same music. Taylor explained: “He asked me to go busking with him in Cardiff. We went down and made about £300 for a few hours. We thought ‘hello there’s something going on here.'”

They’ve toured before and are going out on the road again to play dates across the UK in May.


Their Knockout performance: