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The Voice UK: What acts have joined Team Tom Jones?

Everything you need to know about the acts that picked the Welsh singing veteran as their coach

Published: Sunday, 26th February 2017 at 5:45 pm

Tom Jones ­– the man who sung with Sinatra and isn’t shy about telling you about it – ­hasn’t won The Voice since series one. And Leanne Mitchell, the first ever champ, has now been dropped by her label after her album only reached 134 in the charts.


However, Jones thinks he can create a superstar in the new ITV series – and says he’s got the acts to prove it.

Here are the acts hoping the 76-year-old is right…

Into the Ark

Names: Taylor Jones and Dane Lloyd

Ages: Taylor is 20 and Dane is 25

From: South Wales

Blind audition song: Sing ‘Burning Love’ by Elvis Presley

The welsh indie duo of Into the Ark (duo, Noah’s ark – get it?) impressed the judges with their unique cover of the Elvis classic. Gavin, Tom and Jennifer turned their chairs, but after a lot of conferring between the two, Into the Ark joined fellow Welshman Tom Jones.

Zoe Hedge and Ebony Wilson aka Capital B

Names: Zoe Hedge and Ebony Wilson

Ages: 21 and 20

From: Birmingham

Blind audition song: His Eye is on the Sparrow (Lauryn Hill)

One of the few groups in the early stages of The Voice this year, Capital B blew away Tom and Gavin with their unusual harmonies (and their interchangeable black-and-white outfits). However, after a few moments of deliberation between the duo, Capital B decided to pick duet-veteran Tom Jones as their coach.

Charlie Drew

Age: 28

From: Leicester

Blind audition song: One Dance (Drake)

Although normally a producer away from the mic, ex-singer Charlie decided to try out performing one last time for his blind audition. His heavily Essex-accented singing voice impressed Gavin and Tom, but Charlie decided he wanted to make Team Jones his home.

Craig Ward

Age: 31

From: Coatbridge

Blind audition song: Always a Woman (Billy Joel)

Craig might have only piqued the coaches' interest at the very last second of his audition, but all that matters is they turned. Craig had the choice of three mentors: Will, Tom and Gavin. Craig eventually decided to join Team Tom.

Ryhann Thomas

Age: 28

From: Birmingham

Blind audition song: I Swear (All-For-One)

Eager to escape his job making car parts, Ryhann put everything into his smooth audition. He joined Team Tom after the Welsh legend pressed his button at the last second.

Septimus Prime

Age: 18

From: London

Blind audition song: Love Yourself (Justin Bieber)

Jones was the only judge to turn his chair for Londoner Septimus, welcoming him to Team Tom with open arms.

Nadine McGhee

Age: 18

From: Runcorn

Blind audition song: Lay Me Down (Sam Smith)

Nadine was reduced to tears when Tom finally turned his chair for her and she happily joined Team Jones.

Linda Jennings

Age: 49

From: Bolton

Blind audition song: Long and Winding Road (The Beatles)


After losing out on Tim Gallagher to earlier in the episode, Sir Tom got his own back when Linda picked him as her coach over the US producer.


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