Gavin Rossdale: can he win his debut series of The Voice UK? Will he secure the first long-term chart-topping artist in the show’s history? And, erm, who is he?


Yes, despite not many in the country knowing his name before he joined the show, Gavin managed to persuade many singers to join his team ahead of the live shows.

Here are all the acts on #TeamGavin now that the blind auditions have concluded...

Truly Scrumptious Ford

Age: 22

From: London

Blind audition song: ‘Dakota’ by Stereophonics

Let’s get this out the way now: yes, that really is what's she called. And Truly Scrumptious showed off a voice as unique as her name during her Stereophonics cover.

Her unusually low voice won over both Gavin and Tom, but picked she picked Rossdale, saying she’d always planned to choose the Bush frontman if he turned.


Age: 29

From: Billingham in Teesside

Blind audition song: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing (Aerosmith)

The bushy-and-ginger bearded rocker belted out his unique emotional twist on the Steven Tyler classic, getting turns from Gavin, Jennifer and Tom. But naturally, Carter gravitated towards the Bush frontman and became the latest addition to Team Gavin.

Millicent Weaver

Age: 18

From: Preston

Blind audition song: Where Is My Mind? (Pixies)

By blasting her way through the Pixies classic, Millicent was clearly appealing to the ears of veteran rocker Gavin. Fortunately for her, Rossdale turned his chair for the young ginger singer during her final note.

Sarah Morgan

Age: 16

From: Scotland

Blind audition song: Missed (Ella Henderson)

She might be one of the youngest contestants on the show, but her lack of experience didn’t come through: her smooth cover of the song penned by a former X-Factor contestant got Gavin and Tom turning. However, Morgan decided to go with Rossdale, the coach that spun first.

Hadleigh Ford

Age: 38

From: Essex

Song: This Year’s Love (David Gray)

The David Gray cover put Ford firmly in Gavin’s territory and the Bush Frontman pushed his button halfway through the audition. Although Tom was tempted, his chair remained unturned, happily conscripting Hadleigh to team Rossdale.

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Tanya Lacey

Age: 31

From: Bristol

Blind audition song: All The Man That I Need (Whitney Houston)

This was the most awkward audition this series for one reason: Will didn’t turn. Despite Tanya co-writing the song T.H.E (The Hardest Ever) with him, didn’t turn or know who she was. Fortunately, Tom and Gavin had pressed their buttons, with Tanya opting to join team Rossdale.

Keziah Rodell

Age: 19

From: Surrey

Blind audition song: Work Song (Hozier)

Convincing all four judges to turn their chairs is no mean feat but Keziah managed it with her take on Hozier. She had her pick of possible coaches but it was Gavin who gave the most convincing pitch and ultimately welcomed her on to his team.

Ruth Lockwood

Age: 25

From: Rotherham

Blind audition song: Toxic (Britney Spears)


Gavin's final team member was last but certainly not least, with the Bush frontman eagerly inviting her to his team in the last blind audition.