The Voice to send ITV talent scouts to open mic nights for 2017 series

Because just singing to your bathroom mirror is so 1999


The Voice is heading to ITV next year and, in a bid to seek out new talent, the channel’s scouts are heading to open mic nights around the country.


Here they’ll presumably be hoping to find some super talented vocalists who’ve been living under a rock and are yet to have found themselves at an X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent or, indeed, The Voice audition. Chances to try your hand at singing for a TV show are so slim nowadays.

There are plenty of places to give that Ed Sheeran cover a go, too. The scouts will be everywhere from Chester to York via Liverpool and Leicester, with events running until the 24th of March of this year. See the full list of dates here. Video applications can also be sent via the website.


We understand the actual blind auditions (the bit with the spinning chairs) will take place in October 2016 and while it’s yet to be officially confirmed, we’re expecting the first ITV series to run in its usual January slot, despite the channel change.