It’s time! To face! The format change! Last night X Factor viewers tuned into the first live show of 2017 to be greeted by the biggest format overhaul in the show’s history. And it's not the easiest to understand.


Firstly, the live shows are being spread across two nights, with half of the acts performing on Saturday and half on Sunday. Secondly, the sing-off between the bottom two acts has been scrapped – the most unpopular act now gets booted off the show without a fight, or say from the judges. That meant last night singer Spencer Sutherland left the competition after just one performance.

However, there is still a sing-off in the competition between the top two performers, with the most popular act of Saturday going against Sunday’s top act. They now compete for a star musical prize.

All in all, it was a little bit confusing for gif-happy viewers at home...

And even the normally flawless host Dermot O'Leary was left a bit miffed. After revealing singer Grace Davies was the top act of the night, he told her she’d won a trip to New York to see singer Pink. She hadn’t – Davies has still got to compete with the winner of tonight’s show to get the prize.

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But fortunately, Davies was on the ball about the format change and corrected O'Leary.

An embarrassing moment for Dermot, but fantastic TV for everyone at home...

But what did you make of the makeover? Is it a good idea for the X Factor to spread their live shows over two nights?

And what about the scrapped sing-off? Do you miss the old heartfelt battle between the bottom two singers of the night?

And is it a better idea to have the top two singers competing for a trip to New York with Pink?

Or, are you simply confused by the format change and are in need of our complete X Factor explainer? If so, just be sure to forward it to Dermot when you’re done.


The X Factor continues 7pm tonight on ITV