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The X Factor has already voted off its first act

But who was the first to go home in the completely revamped live shows?

Nicole Scherzinger angry at Simon Cowell on The X Factor 2017
Published: Saturday, 28th October 2017 at 10:15 pm

Spencer Sutherland has become the first act to leave The X Factor.


He wanted to "thank the UK" for welcoming him with open arms, and sent his love to the remaining acts left in the competition.

Meanwhile it was also revealed which of the singers had garnered the most votes from viewers and it was Grace Davies.

Grace will then go head-to-head with whoever wins the viewers' vote on Sunday night from the Overs and the Groups.

The American singer had performed Who You Are by Jessie J, with Sharon Osbourne saying that his vocal performance was “really, really strong”, and Nicole said that she knew what it meant to him.

Spencer Sutherland on The X Factor 2017
Spencer Sutherland on The X Factor 2017 (ITV Pictures, FT)

In the completely revamped live shows of the ITV programme, the new format saw the sing-off and the judges' decision completely dropped.

That meant that the vote itself was only open for 12 minutes and 30 seconds, which means it's probably unsurprising that Dermot O'Leary said that there was just 1.45% between the bottom two acts at the point when there was just a few minutes of voting left.


The X Factor continues Sunday 29th October at 7pm on ITV.


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