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Strictly’s Charles Venn on Seann and Katya's kiss: “Of course it was a brow-raiser”

The Casualty star says that although the pair’s kiss was a “surprise” it will be “business as usual” on Strictly Come Dancing from now on

Published: Saturday, 20th October 2018 at 9:00 am

Strictly Come Dancing star Charles Venn has described Seann Walsh and Katya Jones’s much spoken-of kiss as a “brow-raiser” but promises it will be “business as usual” on the show from now on.


The Casualty actor, who has been in the dance-off two weeks running, spoke to about seeing Seann and Katya for the first time since photographs of the pair kissing emerged and what the atmosphere has been like in the Strictly studios.

When asked what he thought of the furore surrounding the comedian and his professional dancing partner, Venn said: “When that situation came about, of course it was a surprise, of course it was a brow-raiser, naturally. But it is what it is, that's life.

“We're all professionals, we are all getting on with our jobs, of that I can assure you. It will be business as usual come this Saturday, business as usual.”

On whether he’d spoken to Seann and Katya about the scandal, Venn said: “Do you know what? It's a really funny one, because of course when we met and I saw them, I just said, 'Hi, are you guys alright?' And they said, 'Yeah, we're fine.' And we left it at that.”

The atmosphere in the studio last Saturday, according to Venn, was “absolutely cool”. “But it's very tense at this moment because people are being eliminated now, the game is real,” he said.

“There's no free passes anymore, it's guaranteed every week one of us is going. Everybody's focused on just making sure their dance routine is as good and as tight as possible. I think everyone's preoccupied with that. In a way, you become oblivious to whatever's going on outside.”


Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday 20th October at 6.45pm on BBC1


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