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Strictly Come Dancing's Mollie and AJ respond to those romance rumours

In an exclusive chat with, the Strictly pair open up about the dating specualtion

Mollie King and AJ Prichard on Strictly Come Dancing
Published: Saturday, 9th December 2017 at 5:00 pm

With their cosy posts on Instagram and Shirley Ballas commenting on the pair's "very believable chemistry", Strictly Come Dancing fans have been left to wildly speculate over Mollie King and AJ Pritchard's relationship status.


Are they dating? Are they both still single? Just what is going on between these two?!

Well wanted to get to the bottom of the rumours, so we spoke to Mollie and AJ exclusively to set the record straight.

"There’s no romance, just dancing," confirmed Mollie, who added that they "laugh off" all the romance rumours that are circulating.

"I think with the show there’s always a romance rumour, so that was kind of expected," she told us. "But yes, it is funny to us with the headlines that people come up with. But you just have to laugh it off and stay focused on the dance."

That said, AJ did describe his partner (in dance only...) as "the perfect student".

"She always wants to do more hours, she’s always wiling to go that extra mile and whenever we’re doing choreography and trying lifts or anything new she’s like ‘yes, let’s go for it’," the Strictly professional smiled. "Not once has she ever said no to anything or ever turned anything down, so for me she’s the perfect student and she goes out there on Saturday night and enjoys it."

Meanwhile Mollie said it was "so much fun" dancing and rehearsing with AJ.

"We literally laugh the whole time," she said. "He’s quite a strict teacher but he’s a perfectionist and I am as well so I think that’s why we work so well together.

"We’re used to having to put in 110% to get what we want so we’re both so hard-working and when we said ‘Right, let’s up the hours’, AJ was the first one to be like ‘Yes, let’s do it – let’s book in the rehearsal room, let’s get there early and finish late.' So he’s just been incredible."

Of her Strictly experience so far, Mollie said "it’s been everything that I hoped it would be and more, in honesty."

That said, Mollie has faced a difficult few weeks on Strictly after ending up in the dance off two weeks running. She survived against Simon Rimmer in week six and, more controversially, was saved by the judges in week seven after having to face Aston Merrygold in the dance-off.


Strictly Come Dancing airs Saturdays on BBC1


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