Shock on The Voice UK as coaches break a golden rule of the show and meet rejected Blind Audition singer Ciara Harvie stole a look at the singer they’d all missed out on and insisted she come back to meet the coaches


The coaches broke a golden rule of The Voice UK tonight when they insisted on meeting a singer that none of them had turned around for.


When the show moved to ITV, the rules of the programme were amended meaning that if Gavin Rossdale, Sir Tom Jones, Jennifer Hudson and didn’t turn for someone, they weren’t allowed to see or meet whoever it was they had missed out on.

Now 18-year-old Ciara Harvie has become the first act that the coaches have spoken to after having an unsuccessful Blind Audition.


All four coaches unanimously decided not to spin as she sang Nessun Dorma, but after finishing her performance, peeked from his chair and repeatedly pressed his button as she walked off the stage – despite him then getting a ticking off from Jennifer Hudson.

“That was close. Pure opera. Beautiful voice…she is my new closest,” remarked Gavin as Sir Tom Jones asked the audience whether the coaches had made a mistake in not turning for her.


Unsurprisingly everyone shouted ‘yes’ as will added: “I think so too”.

Gavin and will then insisted that she was brought back out so they could speak to Ciara, as stickler for the rules Tom covered his eyes and said he didn’t actually want to see her after all. Although curiosity got the better of him eventually as he also met the teenager from Edinburgh.


After a hug from will she got plenty of encouraging words from Gavin, who said: “I should’ve turned around and I was dithering and I missed it…You’re the only person we didn’t pick and we brought back out.”

A spokesperson for The Voice UK told it was “very much at [the coaches’] discretion” that Ciara came back out to meet them after failing to make it through the Blind Auditions.


The Voice UK continues next Saturday on ITV.