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Shayne Ward could join Louis Walsh at X Factor Judges' Houses

Returning judge set to have a 'crew' of guests including a former X Factor winner as he whittles down his category for this year's live shows

Published: Tuesday, 19th July 2016 at 11:05 am

Contains series spoilers - do not read on if you do not want to know which category Walsh is mentoring


Former X Factor champ Shayne Ward could be joining Louis Walsh at this year's Judges' Houses.

The winner of the second series would be among a batch of guests as we're told that, once again, Walsh will have not one, but a 'crew' of helpers. Much like 2013 when he had Sinitta, Shane Filan and Nicole Appleton.

Well, he's mentoring the Groups. He can't be completely outnumbered can he?


According to an insider, alongside the other as-yet-unknown guests (probably someone from Westlife) Walsh will also call on a "former X Factor winner" to help him out. This could obviously be one of twelve champs. Well, maybe eleven, Steve Brookstein isn't likely to get the call. But Ward seems most likely given that's whom Walsh won with back in the heady time of December 2005.

A case could be made for Little Mix dropping by: they're the only group to have won the show, so would have a thing or two to say to aspiring bands. But, if Walsh has already got other guests coming along as well (we're told to expect two or three), that seems like it would be too many opinions floating around.

As for the location, he's not held this stage in Ireland for a while...

Also rumoured for the Judges' Houses gig is now former judge Cheryl, who appears to have the right idea in that she's left the show but gets to pop back for the abroad bit, apparently alongside boss Simon Cowell.


X Factor returns to ITV soon


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