Oops! will.i.am makes huge error on The Voice UK when he accidentally presses his button

You literally had one job, will


will.i.am might have been on The Voice UK since the very beginning, but that still doesn’t mean he’s grasped the concept of how the show works.


Last week he revealed that he’s peeked at an act before spinning (naughty) – and now he’s only gone and pressed his big red button by total accident.

The coach was being a little too cocky in his chair during a Blind Audition, fooling about with a marker pen.

He’s scribbled on the button in black ink (why? Who knows) and so decided to try and wipe it off with his sleeve and a bit of spit.

Turns out those buttons are preeeeetty sensitive, because before he knew it, the light had come on, his chair was on the move and his face was a total picture. Although he still wasn’t as shocked about the whole thing as J-Hud, who pulled this amazing expression:


We just hope he liked what he found on the other side. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.


The Voice UK airs on Saturday 4 February at 8pm on ITV.