“Oh, shut up!”: X Factor fans LOVED Louis Tomlinson calling out Simon Cowell

The two judges clashed over Cowell's criticisms of singer Brendan Murray


Although many have said Simon Cowell has mellowed over the years, there’s no doubt The X Factor head judge can occasionally drop some brutal criticisms during the competition’s live shows. And Louis Tomlinson is not here for it.


The One Direction singer and new member of the judging panel repeatedly called out Cowell during the first live show of the 2018 contest, particularly while defending singer Brendan Murray.

After Cowell criticised Murray’s cover of Ariana Grande’s Break Free for being “boring”, Tomlinson shouted out, “oh, shut up, Simon!”. And when Cowell tried to comment again later, he was promptly told to “pipe down” once more.

Viewers at home LOVED Tomlinson’s savage put downs…


Has Simon Cowell finally met his match? Will Tomlinson take charge of the panel? We don’t know, but we’re VERY excited about the drama ahead.

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