Noel Gallagher’s next gig: The X Factor?

Or will he end up on the radio with Russell Brand? The rocker reveals all in this week's Radio Times magazine

Noel Gallagher has named his price for appearing as a judge on The X Factor. Speaking to the Radio Times this week, he said, “I reckon it would have to be a million pounds after tax.”


Referring to producer Simon Cowell, he made it clear, “If he puts a million pounds in my bank, I’m in.”

But the Mancunian rocker last year rejected an offer from Cowell to head the judging panel and went on to explain, “I say that tongue-in-cheek. I hope he doesn’t put a million pounds in my bank account because I don’t really want to do it.”

In fact, Gallagher is more intent on the idea of joining forces with his “very dear friend” Russell Brand and, specifically, hopes to “resurrect the radio show” that was axed by the BBC in the wake of ‘Sachsgate’. He had been a regular guest of Brand’s before the scandal broke.

“Obviously, it won’t be on the BBC,” he said, “because he’s banned.”

The outspoken rock star and the OTT comedian, on independent radio…? This show is bound to make waves.


Find out more in this week’s edition of the magazine.