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Melvin's got some great moves ready for Strictly Come Dancing

Those 10s are sure to start flooding in

Published: Friday, 12th August 2016 at 12:43 pm

Presenter and DJ Melvin Odoom has been unveiled as a Strictly Come Dancing contestant – and he already boasts some funky moves.


Odoom used to teach street dance, so while he has his reservations about the ballroom ("[it's] a completely different animal"), he's not afraid of the dance floor. In fact, he's "secretly" wanted to do Strictly for a few years, he admitted on the Kiss FM Breakfast Show this morning.

And Strictly won't be the first time we've seen him in action. Last year, while co-hosting the Xtra Factor on ITV2, he surprised the judges with his own rendition of Uptown Funk. Once you get over the blinding pink outfit, you can see those funky footsteps...

Clearly he can pick up choreography quickly having been a teacher himself. Here he falls in line with an eager X Factor contestant:

... and Odoom's regular appearances on kids' show Dick & Dom saw him bust out his best dance moves:

Those 10s should come thick and fast.


Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC1 later this year


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