Name: Jason Brock


Age: 30

From: Woburn

Sings: Run to You by Whitney Houston

Job: Performs in Thriller Live in the West End

Coming out onto the stage, Jason says that he’s “very nervous” about his audition for Let it Shine – despite already starring on Pop Idol, singing in a boyband and starring as the lead singer in a West End theatre production.

Back in 2003, Brock was a contestant on the second series of Pop Idol. Although he didn't make it as far as the live shows, he was in the Wild Card round where he sang Lately by Stevie Wonder. He didn't seem as nervous back then:

Jason's currently starring in Thriller Live in the West End as a lead vocalist and has been part of the production since 2012. He has toured Europe and Japan in the show, and is one of only two performers to have played all three lead roles in the stage show at one time or another. You can see him in action here:

He also used to be in a boyband called 5Boyz (no, us neither). They were sort of a big deal though, as they played at Wembley and Hyde Park and supported Girls Aloud, Westlife, Jamelia and – save the best 'til last – Blazin' Squad.

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He also states that he's a beginner on the guitar and has worked with Sony in Germany in the past.

Jason has been performing on stage and screen since the age of 14 with acting roles in Doctors, Stig o’ the Dump, Sweet Medicine and Merseybeat, and also says that he has featured in magazines like Hello, heat and Sneak (remember them?) as well as The Daily Star and The Sun.

He's signed to Lee Morgan Management, whose other clients include EastEnders star Richard Blackwood and The X Factor winner Matt Terry.

"I listen to a lot of pop music and I love being on the stage and I love being musical, so to have that all combine into one for me is the perfect dream,” he said on Let it Shine.

Unlike many of the contestants, Jason didn’t bring anyone with him to watch in the audience. “I wanted to keep it a surprise for my family and friends back at home,” he explained. “If I see them in the audience I’d probably get really nervous.” Hmm.


Let it Shine starts on Saturday January 7 at 7pm on BBC One.