Is this the most dangerous act yet on Britain’s Got Talent? Tyrone and Mina throw knives… that are on fire

As if a knife wasn't dangerous enough already, why not set it alight too?


When Alex Magala auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent last year, the whole audience could barely watch it was so tense.


Well now, Alex has competition. Tyrone and Mina (who are also a real-life couple) have a somewhat horrendous routine on BGT that involves Tyrone hurling knives at Mina while she tries to swerve and dodge them.

Oh, and did we mention she has her back to him so can’t see a ruddy thing?

If that wasn’t bad enough, the next part of Tyrone and Mina’s act sees him throwing swords at her that are ON FIRE. All while he’s wearing a blindfold.

No wonder it has Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden doing this:


Oh, and if you’re wondering how he got that scar it was during one of his performances. If we were Mina, we’re not sure that would make us feel wholly confident in his abilities.


Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday at 8pm on ITV.