Why is everyone talking about Piers Morgan going on Strictly Come Dancing?

It all began when the Good Morning Britain presenter said he’d be up for strutting his stuff on Strictly if it meant he could battle his morning television nemesis: BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker.


Following reports that the show’s bosses are very keen to get the pair of them on the dancefloor, Piers told the Mirror: “I would seriously consider it if it meant giving Walker a lesson in how to dance in front of nine million people.”

Right. But what does Piers have against Dan?

The rivals are embroiled in a long-winded feud over whose show is better and who is the “king of breakfast TV”. The spat mostly consists of the two men trolling each other on Twitter on a regular basis.

Relations reached a new low when Piers smashed a BBC Breakfast mug live on air. At CHRISTMAS, for goodness' sake.

Does Piers have any other enemies?

Does a bear s*** in the woods? Yes, Piers does have another significant 'enemy', in the form of Alan Sugar, who happens to be very keen on Piers and Dan competing on Strictly. In fact, he even said he’d pay £50,000 to charity to see Piers dancing, saying he is “as agile as a pregnant donkey”.

Piers retaliated, suggesting that the Apprentice star often pays for thrills of a similar nature…

And what about Dan? Does he get a say in this?

On Monday morning, BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin asked Dan whether the rumours were true.

“It’s very much not going to happen,” Dan insisted, before adding, “Although if I did do it, I would beat him.”

“Dan, that goes without saying,” Louise assured him.

Strictly pro-dancers Kevin and Karen Clifton were in the studio, too, and they reckon Dan should go for it…

And Piers? Does he have what it takes?

Erm, not sure, but you can’t fault the guy for trying. Here he is doing some ballroom dancing with Anton Du Beke.


Prepare to shield your eyes.