Three acts. That’s all Sharon Osbourne has to remember to appear fully in control of her Overs category during this year’s X Factor. She doesn’t even have to memorise the surnames. She just needs to know Relley, Saara and Honey – six little syllables.


However, Mrs O seemed to momentarily forget the name of Saara Aalto on Saturday night’s show, turning to Louis Walsh and asking “what’s her name?” while introducing the Finnish singer who went on to win the bottom two sing-off.

Did that REALLY JUST HAPPEN?! Sharon forgot her name! #XFactor

— Elliot Gonzalez (@elliot_gonzalez) October 16, 2016

So how could Sharon possibly forget the vowel-athon that is Saara Aalto? Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the X Factor judge said: “I was thinking about something else.”

She went on: “I wish I could come up with a better excuse, I was thinking about songs, and I wondered what that juke box is going to land on, what are we going to do next week, and then I’m like: "Oh she’s in the bottom two again" and all of this is going on in my head. Then they go "it’s you, it’s you" and I’m like: What? What am I doing?’”

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Some fans had another, less likely explanation that Osbourne soon shut down:

Her response: “Listen, trolls on Twitter. I have seen too many careers destroyed, family members destroyed from alcohol. This Mrs ain’t going there.”

Sharon went on to chat about Donald Trump, whom she sees as strikingly similar to one of her own acts: “It’s the same thing with Honey G, people can’t believe it, people go: "What is that?" He’s like reality TV and he appeals to a certain kind of culture and population in America that really trust him…”

Actually, you never see Honey G and Donald Trump in the same room at the same time. What are they hiding?


The X Factor continues Saturday 8pm ITV