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Glow Up season 3 contestants: Meet all the make-up artists on the 2021 series

From freelance MUAs and journalists, to care workers and influencers – meet the contestants competing in series 3 of Glow Up.

Glow Up
Published: Tuesday, 20th April 2021 at 5:43 pm

The search begins for the UK's next big make-up artist as Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star returns for series three.


Maya Jama takes over from Stacey Dooley as host on the new series.

She'll be joined by L’Oréal Paris’ global make-up director Val Garland and MAC Cosmetics global senior artist Dominic Skinner, who will sit on the judging panel.

Over the next eight weeks, we'll see 10 make-up artists take on a number of challenges as they compete to become the UK's next make-up star.

As the show kicks off, here are the contestants who'll be heading to the North London studios to show off their contouring, highlighting and baking skills.

May the best one win!


Glow Up series three contestant Dolli
Glow Up series three contestant Dolli BBC

Age: 26

Job: Retail MUA

Pronouns: She/her

Instagram: @dolli.glam

Dolli is a London-based make-up artist and a beauty broadcaster for Selfridges. She likes to play with very elaborate eye make-up looks and fully transformative styles. She's also a fan of using metallics, sequins and body paint to complete her work.


Glow Up series three contestant Ryley
Glow Up series three contestant Ryley BBC

Age: 19

Job: Influencer

Pronouns: She/her

Instagram: @ryleyisaac

Ryley is a beauty influencer, who has a massive following of over 710,000 followers on Instagram. She has spoken openly about accepting her facial birthmark and regularly makes it the focus of her beauty looks. On her Instagram, you can find videos of some of her work, including a recent transformation into singer Ariana Grande and Disney's Moana.


Glow Up series three contestant Xavi
Glow Up series three contestant Xavi BBC

Age: 23

Job: Journalist

Pronouns: He/him

Instagram: @xaviguillaume

Journalist Xavi is a regular contributor to BuzzFeed and has amassed almost 5,000 followers on Instagram with his ambitious make-up looks.

Xavi loves a bit of colour and he isn't afraid to ramp up the horror when it comes to Halloween designs.


Glow Up series three contestant Sophie
Glow Up series three contestant Sophie BBC

Age: 21

Job: Make-up student

Pronouns: She/her

Instagram: @sophiebaverstock

Sophie is a third year make-up student at Arts University Bournemouth and believes that make-up is for everyone. When it comes to her work, think bold and beautiful! The London-based MUA isn't afraid to pop the colour when it comes to slaying a look and her Instagram features numerous images of her take on crazy clown make-up.


Glow Up series three contestant Alex
Glow Up series three contestant Alex BBC

Age: 27

Job: Freelance MUA

Pronouns: She/her

Instagram: @lipglosslezza

Liverpudlian Alex has many strings to her bow as a hairdresser, fashion stylist and training MUA. She loves experimental looks, thick brows and regularly takes inspiration from David Bowie – pretty impressive, if you ask us!


Glow Up series three contestant Elliott
Glow Up series three contestant Elliott BBC

Age: 27

Job: Freelance MUA

Pronouns: He/Him

Instagram: @bankselliott

Freelance MUA Elliott has amassed over 14,700 followers with his make-up looks on Instagram and has worked for the likes of Azealia Banks, House of Fraser and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

He describes himself as a "surrealist" and specialises in trippy double vision make-up looks, using shadowing, colour and materials to distort facial features in a bizarre, yet cool way.


Glow Up series three contestant Samah
Glow Up series three contestant Samah BBC

Age: 30

Job: Retail MUA

Pronouns: She/her

Instagram: @samahsay

Samah is a travel, fashion and beauty enthusiast. When it comes to getting that highlighter popping, she is your girl. Her signature is soft glam with a pop of colour - think: red carpet looks. She also regularly shares different ways to rock a hijab on her Instagram.

Samah currently works on a beauty counter. "When people meet me, I don't look like a typical make-up artist. I'm always covered," she says.

"A lot of the time people think that because you're a Muslim female you should be oppressed or you shouldn't have a personality and I'm like, 'Uhmm babes. There's more to me than my hair and my body.'"


Glow Up series three contestant Nic
Glow Up series three contestant Nic BBC

Age: 28

Job: Business Owner

Pronouns: She/her

Instagram: @nicmarilyn

Nic is a London-based make-up artist, yoga and meditation teacher. She owns eco-glitter brand Disco Dust London and loves to sprinkle it all over her creations. She is also partial to barely-there make-up and has worked with fashion brands on a number of natural looks.

"I love the effect make-up can have on people, especially when you put glitter on someone," she says. "It just turns someone into an excited child."


Glow Up series three contestant Jack
Glow Up series three contestant Jack BBC

Age: 26

Job: Dementia and Alzheimer's Care Worker

Pronouns: They/Them

Instagram: @jackoliverx

By day, Jack works as care worker. By night, they slay some very bold make-up looks. The MUA loves neon colours and often uses different hues and styles of contact lenses for their work.

Having focused on their role as a care worker during the pandemic, 26-year-old Jack is now ready to continue working on their make-up career alongside it.


Glow Up series three contestant Craig
Glow Up series three contestant Craig BBC

Age: 24

Job: Retail MUA

Pronouns: He/him

Instagram: @craighamiltonartistry

Craig is a professional make-up artist and hair stylist from London, although he has worked internationally. His style varies from scary Halloween looks to soft, everyday glam.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Craig says he didn't really see boys wearing make-up. "I did suppress a lot of who I was. I wasn't 100 per cent who I was meant to be," he explains.

"Make-up has made me express myself more just 'cause it's made me feel more comfortable. It just makes me feel a lot more confident."


Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star begins on Tuesday 20th April at 7pm on BBC iPlayer. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide or visit our hub for more Entertainment news.


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