Four of Diamonds is the fifth act to leave the X Factor 2016 live shows

The group was sent home after a sing-off against singer Saara Aalto


Four of Diamonds has become the fifth act to be eliminated from The X Factor 2016 live shows.


Louis Walsh’s group performed Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s When You Believe, but were beaten by Saara Aalto in the sing-off on Sunday’s live results show.

Sharon Osbourne’s Finnish singer Saara belted out Jessie J’s Who You Are, earning votes from mentor Sharon and Nicole Scherzinger.

She also picked up a vote from Simon Cowell, who told her she was “the one who has the ability to turn it around” with a powerful results show performance.

It has been a strange X Factor journey for Four of Diamonds, who weren’t even in the live shows to begin with.

They were eliminated at the judges’ houses stage, but a spot in the live shows opened up for them after Brooks Way were removed from the competition. Louis explained he had listened to the viewers and opted to bring back the popular girl group.

Speaking after their first live show performance, the foursome told that they want to be the next Little Mix, with singer Caroline explaining: “We can only hope and pray that one day we will be as big and as successful as them, and just follow along in their footsteps.”

Sam Lavery was in the bottom three, but was saved by the lifeline vote and will be back to sing another day.

Also returning for another week will be 5 After Midnight, Ryan Lawrie, Emily Middlemas, Honey G and Matt Terry.

And the jukebox has spoken: the theme next Saturday will be Disco.


The X Factor continues on ITV next Saturday night at 8pm