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Five acts to look forward to in Britain’s Got Talent episode 3

Here’s our favourite acts from the third instalment of BGT

BGT episode 3 (ITV)
Published: Saturday, 20th April 2019 at 4:04 pm

We’re only three weeks into Britain’s Got Talent, but we’ve already been treated to world-class acts that could easily take the whole show.


This week sees the world’s most energetic dance couple, a woman straddling a harp, and a particularly throaty singer.

Here’s what you can look forward in episode 3.

Most unexpected: Margaret and Dave

BGT Margaret

We’re not going to lie to you, we didn’t have high hopes for Margaret and Dave when they first came on stage.

The married couples from Wolverhampton opened the show with quite a lacklustre routine – before their dowdy coats are suddenly ripped off.

Prepare for, quite literally, a panty-dropping finale.

Most confusing: Ursula Burns

Britain's Got Talent Ursula (ITV)

The 48-year-old struts onto the London Palladium the picture of serenity as she carries a harp.

But things quickly get weird as she tosses the chair that’s been provided for her and mounts the harp, playing it in an increasingly manic fashion.

We’re not sure if it’s comedy, if it’s music – frankly we don’t even know what we just saw.

It’s Ant and Dec that sum Ursula up the best, with Ant calling her “completely bonkers”.

“I’m not sure what I’ve just seen,” Dec said. “But I think I really liked it.”

Most deadly: Gomonov Knife Show

Britain's Got Talent Knife Show (ITV)

The glamorous couple, who were previously professional dancers, have since turned their attention to knife throwing.

“This is a really dangerous game,” they explain before their audition. “The stakes are high.”

But the tension is about to ramp up even higher when they rope Simon Cowell into the act, after he asks what it feels like.

You’ll be watching through your fingers when you see TV’s Mr Nasty literally on knife’s edge.

Most throaty: Jayson Stilwell

Britain;s Got Talent Jayson (ITV)

Prepare to watch what is the most bizarre version of Disney’s When You Wish Upon a Star, as the 48-year-old throat singer tackles the song to the bemusement of the judges.

His performance is interrupted by Cowell, who asks if he was singing the song “as Kermit the frog”.

“If you are to go through to the live shows, you should dress up as a frog,” he said.

“I am very open-minded,” Stilwell replied. Brace yourselves.

Most impressive: Akshat Singh

BGT Akshat ©Syco/Thames

We won’t spoil Akshat’s performance for you, but all we will say is that you will be wowed by what the 13-year-old from Mumbai pulls out the bag after a slow slog of unimpressive auditions.

“I have two mottos in life,” he said before he starts. “To make everyone happy and to show everyone that nothing is impossible.”

You’ll certainly be smiling once he starts…


Britain’s Got Talent continues tonight at 8pm on ITV.


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